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Saving Superwoman

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We had a professor in graduate school that everyone referred to as “Superwoman.” I am sure she would have been embarrassed if she had known that was her nickname. Among many other admirable qualities, she was humble and nothing about the way she carried herself asked for this title. But while buried in research and living ...

On Dreams and Fear

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I realize that it is February and it feels a little late for a New Year’s post. But there’s been something stirring in my heart since the beginning of 2017 that I have continued to wrestling with. I’ve noticed a pattern with myself over the last couple of years. The clock strikes midnight. My TV displays ...

Why I’m an Advent Person

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Advent is a season that has grown on me over the years. Sure, I liked lighting the three purple candles and one pink candle in the weeks leading as a little girl. I have fond memories of our family traditions of reading the Advent Sunday passage around the dinner table and sometimes opening a small ...

I Choose YOU

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We stood under the large tree, an emerald carpet of grass stretching out from under our feet. In some ways, it felt like it was yesterday that we said our vows under that tree’s branches. In other ways, it felt as if too much life has been lived to fit into the years that stand ...

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