It's Giveaway Time!

It’s giveaway time!


We are transitioning from summer to fall and I know that for me, new beginnings can be challenging. My dreams for the year are often accompanied by a fear that I will be disappointment by my own expectations. I worry about whether or not I have what it takes for my own ambitions. But this season, I am determined to do this transition differently. I’m not going to let a good performance or perfection be my permission slip for peace. Joy is for now, and not just for “someday.” I am going to commit myself to clinging to a hope outside of circumstance.

To celebrate this new season, I’ve put together a grown-up “back-to-school” giveaway for one lucky winner. I’ve compiled some of my favorite items that keep me motivated and provide some structure so that I can experience the greatest freedom in the season ahead. I want the same for you!

Giveaway Items:

  1. AirPods – When I am in a coffee shop, on an airplane, or exercising, I have AirPods in and they are a game-changer! Sometimes fun items like this can make the transition from play to work a little more fun ☺.

  2. The Seven Year Ballpoint Pen – As most of you know, I am writing a book and while I am definitely not handwriting the whole thing (my editor will be grateful for that!), I spend a lot of time journaling and jotting notes as I process what God is teaching me. And this pen is my favorite! I even talked about it on a recent podcast interview. I love it that much!

  3. All Good Things Collective Daily Remain: a tool for abiding + abundance  - A daily tool to accompany your Bible reading, that provides structure for time with the Father and prompts to help you go past just reading, into living out the abundance you’ve been given. It has made a huge difference for me to put this structure into my quiet time in the morning and what better time for new rhythms than the fall?

  4. Sermon Notes – I love having one place for all of my sermon notes. I bring it with me to church on Sunday and have it at home when I listen to podcasts or sermons from churches I love online.

  5. Margot + Co Word Search Book – Sometimes the hardest thing for me to do in seasons that feel full is to discipline myself to play and rest. This word search book includes inspiration quotes and will give you some soul rest while you play ☺.

  6. Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger Imperfect Courage, the founder of the popular fair trade jewelry brand Noonday Collection shares her story of starting the rapid-growing business that impacts over 4,500 artisans in vulnerable communities across the globe—and invites readers on a journey of transformation, challenging them to trade their comfort zones for a life of impact and adventure. What a perfect book to challenge us to all go scared instead of staying in our comfort zone this fall!

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Nicole Zasowski